The Top Exporters of Film Within Europe

This infographic maps out the most influential European countries for film exportation by number of titles and admissions in the period 2007-2016. The black circles indicate the number of admissions (in millions); while the red circle represents the total number of films exported by a given country.

As this data shows, the most important film exporter in Europe is France, with a total number of exports that doubles the English one. Even though its role of massive exporter, French films do not reach a wide number of admissions, probably also for linguistic and cultural reasons (connected, for example, to the French humor, very different compared to the English one, but also to the other European countries). On the contrary, United Kingdom is the country with the highest number of admissions for exported films. With a number equal to Germany, English admissions are bigger for five times.

Italy occupies the fourth place in this chart by number of exported films, but shows a narrow number of admissions: equal to Belgium (even though the total of Italian exported films is triple) and smaller compared to Spain (nevertheless, exported Spanish movies are almost the half of the Italians). The reasons for this placement may be linked to a minor attractiveness of these titles abroad for storyline and production, but also for cultural distance.